Phillip Nguyen

Owner/ President at EZCheckedIn

Above all…I'm a lucky husband of a beautiful wife and a blessed father of 17 children (so far:). Three of my own and fourteen belong to others whose lives’ circumstances forced them to leave their countries, their homes and families in search of a better life in America like I did 40 some years ago. God bless America and our community for giving me, my wife and these children a home! My constant message to them is this: “America owes you nothing and hopefully someday you will feel that you owe America everything like I do.”

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Phillip Nguyen

Contact Information

  • 6633 South Division Ave. S.E Grand Rapids, MI, United States 49548
  • 616 3406 103
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm


Phillip doesn’t want to talk about himself but too often he got requested for his personal biography and so here it is.

About Phillip

He is the owner and the chief software engineer for his information technology firm, Digital Marketing Solutions LLC, since May, 2000. Phillip is a proud father of three grown up children (KimAnh, Vinh, Kimy) and 6 foster childs (Esayas, Rahawa, Zufan, Eyrusalem, Antonio, David and Amanuel) and a very lucky husband :) of Kim Oanh Nguyen, his wife.

Besides running his company, Phillip spends a lot of his time serving his community and sitting on many nonprofit boards. He loves hunting, fishing and writing poetry. He sometimes tried on his classical guitar too. But despite his claim of having played it for years, he "ain’t" that good at all :). His favorite time and place is spending time alone in his 10x10 cabin that he built on the edge of the Thornapple River behind our house. According to him, “This is the place where he prayed and made many important decisions, not at the office.”

Here are some articles about him and about his company Digital Marketing Solutions LLC.


Master of Computer Science majoring in software engineering (GVSU 2004), Bachelor of Business Administration (WMU 1992), and several academic awards in computer networks and software engineering.

Personal Background

Phillip came to the United States as a young teen sponsored by Bethany Christian Services ( the same organization that he went back to 35 years later to become a foster parent of six kids because he believes that is how he should pay it back) and Word Visions’ Saving Children Program from the Vietnamese Refugee in Hong Kong. If there is anything to say about his characters, it would be his hard work and his determination to succeed in the U.S.; and he did. He completed high school, college and grad school despite the fact that he never completed his second grade education (before arriving in the U.S.) because both of his parents died during the Vietnam War before he was barely 5 years old. He is the chief software engineer for many well known computer applications that are being used world-wide, the author of more than 25 computer training programs, several volumes of poetry and often served as a keynote speaker for many events.

The struggles and the barriers that Phillip overcame… a few of us can only imagine. He is a shining example of what one can achieve with hard work and determination. Most of all, Phillip is a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ, a loving husband and father of three beautiful college kids and six foster children. He, his wife Kim and the children are currently living in Caledonia, Michigan. You can reach Phillip via his personal email